Commando Supercross

The Commando Supercross , a racing event for both cars and motorbikes organized by the Commando Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR), is set to be worked off on 5th of August.

The unique supercross will take place on an international-standard track that will be one of the longest, widest and speediest witnessed in the local racing scene. The Commando Supercross for both cars and bikes will launch the first ever international standardized track with the “Jocker lap” named as “Commando Lap”. The track at the Commando Regimental Training School (CRTS) in Uva Kuda Oya will be setup in an area of historical significance named Balaharuwa where King Dutugemunu’s main training ground for his men was thought to have existed. Both the 1.9km racing car track and the 1.6km bike track have been created with the technical guidance and supervision of professionals from SLARDAR. A total of 14 racing car events and 10 motorbike events are expected to test the skills of the finest drivers and riders in the country and provide the large crowds a first-hand view of the some of the most thrilling racing action in the country as competitors battle for supremacy on the Kudaoya track.

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